Monday, January 29, 2007

Schwieters Returns From Space Camp- Out of this World

I attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama from December 28th to December 31st of 2006. While at Space Camp, I attended the US Space Camp museum which chronicles the history of the US space program and the formation of NASA. The museum also contained life-size collections of all the rockets used by NASA as well as the current space shuttle.
The weekend program was outstanding with participants using the actually equipment used to train astronauts. The equipment included the 1/6 gravity chair, manned maneuvering unit, g-force accelerator and space shuttle simulator.

The weekend at Space Camp was excellent. The staff, facilities and program was better than I hoped and the weekend was one of the best professional experiences I have had. I plan to return in the next couple of years to attend another program.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Professional Growth Opportunity: The Middle School Institute at Gordon

This looks like a great opportunity. It's a working retreat for teachers who value feedback from their peers, believe that the multicultural classroom works best for all students and know that teaching is most effective when it is connected with the world beyond the classroom. You will have opportunities to present your curriculuar works-in-progress for critique by supportive peers. You will also develop ways that middle school students can become positive forces for community change. Finally, you will return to your classroom in the fall with practical ideas for sharpening your practice. The workshop takes place June 18-20, 2007 at The Gordon School in East Providence, Rhode Island. For more information see Gregg or visit the website